Project Description

That’s Louie Bellson from the Tonight Show — Johnny Carson. He’s a famous drummer. After Buddy Rich, Louie Bellson took the mantle. He came and listened to us. A friend of mine was at MegaByte Pizza’s in East Side San Jose. It was really weird; a friend of mine that was playing with me… that was his neighbor, and he came out to see us play… I’d never met the guy. He really dug the band. He invited us to dinner afterwards and then we took those pictures. It was very cool… I always admired him as a drummer. I never would have thought that I would have met him at a pizza parlor… But, you know, this business is so funny ’cause you never know… and we ended up, we spent the evening at the pizza parlor having dinner and talking music and he was a really gracious guy, and he was already starting to get up there in years but he was still playing… and he passed just a few years ago, but that was kind of a memorable… I mean, Louie Bellson… big band… a great drummer. Like I said, everybody has heard of Buddy Rich… well he took the throne after Buddy Rich. A powerful player.